Auturm fruits in Japan!

Hello, this is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel.
It was hot few week ago in Osaka but it is getting cooler and I feel autumn is around the corner.

Autumn is a great season in Japan.
The leaves turn yellow and red, and it is absolutely beautiful!! I cannot wait to see it soon.

Another thing I love about Autumn is we have so many good fruits in this season!!

I will introduce some of them.....!

■Nashi (Japanese pear)
It looks like an apple but it taste so different. If you never have it, please try it !
It is so sweet, fresh and juicy. Most of people eat without skin, but I eat with skin. It taste much better with it I believe.

■Mikan (Japanese Orange)
It could be very cheap to buy them sometime. I bought 1bag of orange(8of them in it) for 200yen($2) yesterday.

This is a famous orange juice in Japan, called "Pon Juice".
This juice is made from 100% Japanese Orange.
So if you didn't have a chance to try Mikan, please try this juice.
It sour but sweet, I love this flavor since I was small.
■Kuri (chestnuts)
We normally boil them and eat, or peel the skin and cook with rice (Kuri Gohan) that is so nice and every time I eat Kuri Gohan, I feel autumn has come.
Or you can find roasted kuri (Ama Guri) at convenience store or supermarkets.

Amaguri (roasted chestnut)
Kuri Gohan, you may find it in a supermarket
or food section of a department store.
■Kaki (persimmons)
That is one of my favorite fruit. Other fruits (Orange and Apple) can be seen at a supermarket all around the year, but we can eat Kaki only Auturm through winter. I think this is very delicate fruits.
We eat a dried persimmon too.
So we can enjoy it all around the year.

■Apple (Ringo)
Maybe I don't need to mention it. Japanese Apple is big and great!!

I hope you enjoy eating Japanese fruits when you visit Japan!!


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