Exciting Okinawa!

I have been super excited since I have decided to got to Okinawa in October. My holiday will be 10 days this time. Okinawa is one of my best favorite places and I've been there 3 times but it still exciting to visit there. I think it is because of the atmosphere there. Once I get there I don't feel I'm in Japan. People speak Japanese and they actually look like Japanese but their accent of Japanese,the smell,whether,food and buildings make me feel like not in Japan. It like I am in between Japan and somewhere else. The atmosphere attract me a lot whenever I go there. This time,I am thinking to try something new. It is 'WATS'. Have you ever heard of the name? It means 'Water Shiatsu'. You can get shiatsu massage in sea water at seaside center. How feel the massage is different depends on person as I heard. Someone could feel like in dream!
Also there is 'Yachimun no sato' (pottery village) near the shiatsu place in middle parts of Okinawa main island. Many pottery handiwork from many groups of pottery are available. It will be exciting to visit the place cause I'm into collecting plates,bowls and glass after I started living my own.
The trip will be for some new experience and meeting something I really love!


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