Hiroshima Food Festival 2013

Hi this is Hayateru from Hiroshima Hana.
I went Hiroshima Food festival.
That was held at Hiroshima castle which is about 15 min. walk from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
There were so many kinds of Local food mainly from this Chugoku area.
 Hakushu High Ball and Roasted chicken from Shimane.
  Giant  Grilled pork Skewers from Tanaka farm !
 Daisen G Beer(local beer from Tottori.) and Fried stone fish. It was good!

Its getting cold these days, but it was enough warm to have some beer and whiskey:)


Mizzy said…
Oh,you made it there!?
I'm so jealous!
Aww...They all look so yum!!!

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