How to make Sarubobo♡

It's getting much cooler in Takayama these days.
It's autumn, the best seasons for reading, eating, creating!!

So I went to a craft center in Takayama and made a sarubobo.
Actually I made "Ubobo" which is a rabbit baby, not monkey baby.
This time I will show you how to make "Ubobo". (Sarubobo is very similar.)

These are the all materials→→→
I chose the pink one. You can choose the color from white, pink or blue for "Ubobo".

 1. Make ears using glue.
 2. Make her wear a hood around her face.
 3. Make a triangle for the hood using glue.
 4. Connect head and body using thread and needle.
     It's the most difficult point.
     If it's loose, the head will be missing!! OMG!!
 5. Give her an apron.
     You can write down some message for your family,  
     friends, boyfriend or girlfriend.
     It will be a nice souvenir, isn't is?
 6. Give her a vest.
     It a symbol for Sarubobo.

Finally I made it!!  →→→
It takes about 1 hour. It was really fun and very concentrated! It looks salable, isn't it? I'm a good craft maker!! Hahaha!
Anyway, there is nice and skillful staff for teaching us. Also English speaker there. So Anybody can enjoy making Sarubobo or Ubobo.
There is another craft that you can make as well.
It costs 1600 yen for "Ubobo" and 1400 yen for "Sarubobo". If you have a ticket for Hida folk village (museum for Gassho building next to the craft center), you can get 100 yen discount.

Souvenir, which everyone is worried...
Most of all people buy something for their family or friend or lover.
But I think it's a good idea to give them what you made by your hand in that country. It's going to be a nice memory for the traveller and also to be the only one thing in the world!!

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