New member MIZZY

Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, its Kana Here.
I had holiday for 10days early in Oct so went to Thailand!!! Did really enjoy my trip and tired of negotiating price for public transport and shopping...

 Anyway, thank you for working instead of me while I was away!
Special thanks to Haya, Yuya nad Mizzy...

Let me introduce new staff from this month, her name is Mizzy!!

 (Kana Haya Mizzy)
Speak fluent English, have great sense of humour, drinks a lot, laugh a lot and super friendly.
Even though she has been working with us for only 2 weeks, we all feel like much more than that.
It is all because of her friendly personality for sure.
Really appreciated that she joined us.

Also Yuya who has been working with us temporary. We all love his personality and enjoy working with him. He will leave very soon and we can not stop missing him already. Thanks thanks THANKS A LOT.

Very pleasure to know people like them. Can't thanks enough.


Mizzy said…
Thanks Kana!
I'm so happy that I became a member of Hana and met you guys!
Let's keep rockin' together! haha

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