Once upon a time at Hana Hostel Kyoto...

There is one kind cleaning staff whose name is Shizu-san. One day, when she walked past one elementary school she found one stray cat down on the concrete street. The cat showed a subtle movement but seemed it does not have any energy left even to meow. Shizu-san asked the school kids around if they know any animal hospital nearby but they didn't know any. So she came back to Hana Hostel to ask for the direction to the closest animal hospital, and ask for something to put the cat in. It turned out that the place is in the shopping mall near the Kyoto station. She, and one receptionist went there together and spend a couple of hours there. Lucky, the cat was not seriously ill. A veterinarian injected an antibiotic on its back which made cat like a camel. Cleaned up around its eyes they were festered bad enough to make them keep closed. There was no one to pass the cat to, so she decided to take it for a while at her house till it gets any better. But the more she passed her time with it, the more her affection to it increased. So as to the cat. So she decided to have the lovely cat with her!! Look at this beautiful cat! She now could open her lovely eyes and pose like this:) Kawaii!!!


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