Maple festival in MITAKI Temple in Hiroshima. Autumn Leaves Spots in Hiroshima


It is the best season to see autumnal leaves!!

Have you been to somewhere to see it? Japan has so many place where is famous for the beautiful colored leaves.

I went to go to MITAKI temple to join maple festival. It was quite cold day but  trees are so beautiful. There is red maple, yellow gingko, orange liquidambar and so on.

 How beautiful it is!!! MITAKI temple is on the mountain. So there is so special ambience. It took about 30minutes by bicycle from Yokogawa station and the way to there is really heavy.

But finally, You can see amazing view!! There is good collaboration moss and water and stone figure.

I am interested in JAKI. It is a kind of devil which is always stepped on Buddha statue. I found really cute one.

This is so cute and charming!!! I like taking notice in this kind of JAKI.They are always charming.

After I saw Buddhist memorial service, The person who is working there gave me some ticket. It was ticket for a lunch box!!

I did not know there is this kind of service. It is called 'OSETTAI'

It was great time for me.
How wonderful japan is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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