Melbourne Trippppp!!!!

Hi there !
This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.
It suddenly get really cold and we enjoy the changing colors of autumn leaves!!
I think it's lovely season to travel in Japan now .
But to escape from such a cold weather,I took a week off and went to Australia :-)

I used to live in Sydney for a year.That's why I was planing to go there.
But one of my friend,she lives in Melbourne now.So I visited her and her boyfriend.

As soon as I arrived at Melbourne,We went to Rakusa restaurant near her apartment.
I have wanted to eat rakusa for a long time.
(Unfortunately,There is no rakusa restaurant in Hiroshima.)

It was so delicious and reminded me
for the days of Sydney.
There were lots of Asian restaurant where I lived in Newtown.

After lunch,we drove off to Rorne.
I was going to swim and have BBQ there,but it's 15degree...... freeeeeeezing!!!
Although there were lots of surfer but we could not to pity!!
But I could feed a bird by hand!!They are so cute and lovely.

During I stay in Merbourne,it was so cold everyday.
But We went to Music festival and had some nice food and coffee...
I really enjoyed and had a great time there.

Hope the weather will be amazing next time!!


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