Namba Parks

Namba Parks is a shopping mail in Namba.
It is a really good place to look around :)

Because this building structure is a kind of art! 
Good designed and modern architecture make us feel happy!

Please visit there : ) They have a Christmas tree now!
I recommend some stores. Namba Parks have really good restaurants.

★Movie cheater★
You can buy tickets on line. It is really helpful. You do not need to wait.

Le Petit Jardin
French restaurant. Launch time is cheaper! 1380yen ~

Sushi restaurant. They have really fresh seafood!

★ Kagura Shokudo "KUSHIYA MONOGATARI"★
All you can eat. You pick up ingredients by your self.
You can eat Takoyaki, Taiyaki, ice cream also!!

■Opening hour
■Restaurants opening hour


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