Travelling alone for shopping in Tokyo

I visited Tokyo to meet my friends who were my schoolmates in Scotland this month.
I left Kyoto for Tokyo by Shinkansen, staying in Ikebukuro for 2 nights from Nov. 7th.

In Ikebukuro area, there are a lot of shopping malls & entertainment around the station such as Sunshine City, Lumine, and Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

Before meeting my friends, I first went to Shibuya Hikarie, which is new department store opened last year, to buy some interia goods.  It was 10:00am....a wee bit quiet..., but I saw so many people shopping there before the lunch time!!
In front of Shibuya Station
I found a cute table in the resting room in Hikarie
 After that, I went to Shinjuku because I wanted to have a lunch at Freshness' Burger :)  I have not eaten any Freshness' original burger for 2 years since I worked in Shinjuku. Some Japanese girls feel shy when they go to some restaurants alone, but I think it is good for them to have a lunch alone there. Comfortable and relaxed...

Then, after coming back to Ikebukuro, I still had enough time before meeting my friends. So, I went to the planetarium in Sunshine City. I waited for the opening time in the foyer. It was a great planetarium device which projected various images such as stars and the nature on the sherical screen with a relaxing original music!
Star-shaped sofers in the foyer!
 Then, I went to had a dinner with my friend in Hawaiian restaurant near the U.S Embassy, where I had delicious Hawaiian drinks.
I just went around the west area of Tokyo this time, but we have so many attractive sightseeing places in Tokyo such as Asakusa, Daiba, and Akihabara etc.
Before taking the Shinkansen in Tokyo Station


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