What music makes me excited?

I used to be into rock music when I was high school student. One of my cool class mates inspired me a lot in many ways. His drawing was so cool. His fashion was so cool. His thinking was so cool. And music that he loved was so cool as well. He inspired me a lot about music. I loved guitar pop music before I met him but I was getting into rock music once I knew some cool and nice rock music. After high school,ambient music attracted me so much during university. I often went out for clubs some music else rock. There were still many rock CDs at my place though. Nowadays I even do not listen music a lot as I used to. I don't know why but I just don't fell like I need music like before. However because of one thing happened to me recently and I suddenly got a feeling that I want to listen to rock music! It's a drama. Named 'Nodame cantabile' which is about orchestral music. There is a scene that people play Beethoven symphony no.7 with Jimi Hendrix style,like rock music style. It's funny and moved scene. Rock music has came back to my mind. Afterward I have been listening rock music,not only Jimi Hendrix though but also Strorks,Zebra head..any rock music and Blankey jet city,yurayura teikoku..Japanese rock as well. So that I play rock music at the reception in Kyoto Hana hostel The color of music there is really like a rock style now. Why don't you stay with us in Kyoto Hana hostel and talk,teach me about rock music!


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