Bowling Party in Takayama!

We had a bowling party in Takayama!
We are really into sports party these days! It's good for heath and refreshing!!
This time, 6 guests and 4 staff joined the party. We separated into 2 teams and competed!!
This bowling place is very strict because we lose the chance if we step over the line. So we were very serious when we threw the ball.
It was very excited because it was very close fight.

<Ayumi's turn>                                            <My turn>

 <Aki's turn>

Unfortunately my team lost the game, so we treated winners to ice cream...
but I got first prize^^ (even I got 108 points...I am so lucky!) So I got lotto as a prize♡ Yay!!

Team game makes us excited and interesting! And we had warm friendly feelings.
We will definitely plan to have another bowling party for next time.
So please come to Takayama and fight with us if you have confidence in bowling^^ We are waiting for you! hehehe!

I hope  everyone has a happy new year***


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