Last trip of this year Arima Onsen

What is your favorite radio Station? 
My acupuncture doctor listen AM Radio. 
Whenever we visit his clinic I hear Kansai typical dialect.
My favorite one is FM COCOLO. I listen for alarm and BGM to sleep.  
It's my favorite time to spend nights. 
I started to listen this Radio Station because My favorite DJ moved there.  Nostalgic and memorable music at 60's or 70's bring me to other world. (Attention!! Even though I was born at 80's,) My favorite program is The Wolfman Show (21:00 to 23:00 Mon-Fri). This program was popular in the world on 60's. I love atmosphere of 60's.
Via Application Radico you can listen wherever you stay.

Other favorite thing is ONSEN.
Once a year I have visited to Onsen village with my best friend from Tokyo.
We decided Kansai Area this year. It says Arima Onsen  is Karuizawa (summer resort in Kansai)
This onsen contains mineral so Muddy brown color like a Miso soup.
From Kyoto station it takes only one hour and half. 
From Kyoto to Sannomiya Kobe 

Most important thing Delicious cusine
Practice my Camera D700

Enjoy my OMOTENASHI (Hospitality)

We will plant to visit IYA Onsen in Tokushima Prefecture 秘湯 secluded hot spring spot.

Happy winter holiday!

Say goodbye to year 2013 and welcome a brand new year 2014!!


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