Stay connected in Japan

Quite surprisingly, Japan is not the “all wireless” country you could think it is. When traveling you will most likely have more trouble finding free Internet spots than in most cities in the US or some other parts of Asia.
Even in Starbucks the task is not easy, to use their Internet service you will have to sign a contract beforehand a with telecommunication company... which is not easy when traveling. (They ask you to get access to your email to use their free Wifi, which makes zero sense.)

Situation need to be improved rapidly, given that Japan will host Olympic in the upcoming years. But thing won't be done easy, apparently..

So here are some tips to get Internet access in Japan.

You can get many useful info here. Check it out before you head to Japan. This site covers pretty much everything in regard to Internet access in my opinion.

*Free Wifi in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe*
HANKYU-HANSHIN WELCOME Wi-Fi starts from Saturday, December 21.
This is a free public wireless LAN service that provides a comfortable internet environment for foreign tourists.
A simple certification procedure allows you a free connection to the internet at each station of Hankyu Corporation and Hanshin Electric Railway, or at the group commercial facilities. In addition, those who purchased "HANKYU TOURIST PASS" or "HANSHIN TOURIST PASS" can get preferential treatments, such as using as you like all day. Please feel free to use this service if you have a chance to visit these spots.

Location: Each station of Hankyu Corporation and Hanshin Electric Railway, group commercial facilities

Needless to say, you can get free Wifi at J-Hoppers/Hana Hostel :)

Having said that, I personally think travelers nowadays have been amazingly spoiled by stuff like smartphones and Wifi. People don't even know how to read maps (not google map, I'm talking about actual maps!) and keep complaining that there's no Wifi. ... You know, you have come all the way to a totally different country with totally different culture and language, in search of adventures and new experiences, right? Getting lost and having hard time communicating with locals are the highlights of your journey, don't you think. :) Why not stop checking your facebook page all the time and enjoy the moment with new people? Just saying...


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