A Happy New Year!!
This is the first blog in 2014!

I cannot believe time flies so fast.
I found my notebook which I wrote when I was around 18 years old.
It says " I will be ..... in 5 years, will be.... in 10 years."
How come it pasts already!?

By the way, 2013 was a nice year in Japan!
The economy was developing little by little.
Wage pay was up, the number of job offers was up!
In addition, there is nice news for you!
Japanese government allows you to stay here maximum 1 year, not 90 days as sightseeing.
Not for all people though, please check JPN government web site.

I am very happy many people visited in Japan last year.
I am proud of my country so much! We have really nice places, food, culture, and people.
Please come here and feel with your body!

I appreciate all visitors!



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