☆a short trip to HAKATA☆

I went to HAKATA and had a big fun!!!

I was living there for one year two years ago. So I have some friends in Fukuoka.

I met some of them at this time. There is some place

 which I would like to recommend!!! 

First, HANA hostel Fukuoka of course!!

I stayed in there one night. It was my first time to stay other J-Group hostel.

It was so nice place!! Clean, spacious, friendly, end so on...

I enjoyed staying there very much!!!

On second day, I went to botanical garden and zoo in Minami kouen.

I was great zoo. There is good interpretation to enjoy it more!!

 I love a Panther. So cool!!!!

There is also some kind of margay.

It's out of common in Japan. I had precious experience.

In  botanical garden, They have wide variety of cactus.

And in the night, I went to one restaurant in Daimyou.

It was amazing!! There is two big ship (kind of ship) in front of restaurant.

You can enjoy fishing by your self on there. And they cook it.

So, You can try very fresh fish. I hooked conger!!!

I enjoyed Hakata very much. I would like to go there again and stay longer.

I want to go out for drink with staffs in Hakata hana hostel!!!!


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