I got Otoshidama!!! - お年玉-

A Happy New Year to everyone!!

New years in Japanese customs are very different from many of other county and I would like to introduce some of it : )

1. Nengajou (年賀状)
-its a New Year Card like Christmas Card in Western society.
but incredible Japanese Post, if you post a Nengajo in between 15th and 25th of December, all of it will be delivered on the 1st of January morning.

2. Osechi-ryori (おせち料理)
-Japanese people eat a special selection of dishes during the New Year celebration called osechi-ryori  It developed a long time ago when we did not have refregelator and no shop were open during new years holiday so many of these dishes are sweet, sour, or dried, so ut can be kept without refrigeration.


3. Otoshidama
- Usually given to family children with small envelope (Pochi-bukuro) with some money (in between 1000yen -10,000yen)  in it.
so many adults are now days avoid visiting family with children during new year time......big expense!


My family, we usually have a get together either on the 1st or 2nd of January and have dinner.
People in my age, would need to give out Otoshidama and i have given  a couple of Otoshidama to my nephews, however my elder sister gave everybody a pick of Otoshidama and I actually won 10,000yen!!! (out of 15 envelopes, there was only one 10,000yen and two 5,000yen rest were all 1,000yen !!!)
It was a very good start of the 2014 for me and I wish all of you a very Happy year ahead!!



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