Once in Every 20 years! Ise Sengu Festival

This is Kimie from J-Stay. 
Did you set of  your New Year goals already?  
One of my goal  is try to Surf.  Yeah Surfing!!
My customer from Malaysia introduced me one instruction video of surfing. 
For now I spread my imagination for this summer. For short step to stand up on waves I practice push-up for make muscle growing bigger.
My new world will be discovered and I would like to go around as horse year. 

My special event of New year is visit to ISE Shrine with my family.
Yesterday I visited this Japanese Top of Shrine with my father and brother.
Early  bird gets worms! As this proverb our departure time was 6:30 in the morning.
On the high way we arrived our destination 8:40. It takes only 2 hours and an half.

Changing  the topic of conversation, I am learning tea ceremony class. We found one decoration as mini-partition in the first class this year. It's picture was for visit to Ise Shirine. It was used for wall partition in one Japanese Hotel 400 years ago. 
My teacher added explanation "how was important ISE Shrine for Japanese."

In the Edo period (400 years ago) it was forbidden for people to leave their villages except for on one special day of the year when a few people were selected to visit "Ise Shrine". They would go there at sunrise for they believed that at sunrise for they believed that at sunrise the sun has the most power. They would go there to seek this power. Even now people still visit Ise Shrine to attain power.

At Sunrise because they believed that the sun was at its most powerful, that it's energy was at its highest at this time of day. 

When we left it was raining I was worrying about weather. But It was sunny day when I arrived Ise Shrine. I felt I really attained power.

New Main Hall of Ise was shining. 

Previous Main hall after 20yeas ago.

After visit two main Hall of Shrine one big lunch in this itinerary is UNAGI.

May you get succeed in this year 2014 and achieve all your goals you have set!



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