SETSUBUN(Feb 3rd) means the day starts spring according to the old lunar calendar.
It is celebrated in ways all meant to drive away bad luck and bring in new good luck.
Most of the traditional rituals revolve around beans, because beans are considered to be very lucky.  But there is another way of celebrating!
Eating big, long, uncut sushi roll called ehou-maki. (It’s a Kansai region custom.)
There are basically three rules:
  • It must contain seven ingredients, because seven is a lucky number.
  • It must not be cut, because it might cut off your luck.
  • You have to eat it while facing the lucky direction, which changes every year! This year’s lucky directly is east-north-east on a regular compass. 
  • Finally, you must eat the whole roll in total silence.
We have SETSUBUN PARTY around 7:30p.m on Feb 2nd.
"Oni wa Soto   Fuku wa Uchi"



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