Hello! I'm Hiro from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

1 month will already pass since year 2014 started!!Time flies very fast, don't you think!?

There are so many kinds of traditional events in Japan, and today, I'd like to introduce you one of a big event in Japan!


                                Have you ever heard about SESTUBUN?

The meaning of setsubun is the day between 2 seasons((節(setsu)=season,分(bun)=parting.))
There are 4 seasons a year in Japan, so there were 4 times a year for setsubun in ancient times but the most important setsubun was the first day of spring, so nowadays we celebrate setsubun only in spring on the 3rd of February.


                                 What do we do on February 3rd?

☆Mamemaki(Bean throwing)
We throw soy beans at home in the evening of setsubun.
We throw them inside and outside of our house shouting "Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi!!"("Devils out, Fortune in!!")

When I was child, at my house, my father had to act as an Oni and my sisters and I threw beans at him to make him run away.
And after oni was gone, we ate the same number of beans as our age and wished for good health.

☆Ehou-maki(Sushi roll)
 Eating Ehou-maki is one of traditional event these days.

But there are 2 attention points to do this!!

1. You must eat it facing the lucky direction of the year(The lucky direction of 2014 is east-northeast.)

2. You should NOT speak until you eat all!!

If you speak any words, then the good fortune will be gone...!

I really want to do this at J-Hoppers Hiroshima with my colleagues this year, but I'm sure that we won't be able to stop laughing and will miss our good fortune for this year so I decided not to do this with them!!

The setsubun festival will be held in Miyajima!!
If you will be here in Hiroshima on February 3rd, why don't you go there and join the festival to get the good fortune for 2014!!?


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