Snow Monkey!!!

Finally, I went to see "Snow Monkey" to Nagano.

Actually, they are not famous for Japanese people.
I always wondered why they are so famous for foreign tourists.
I found some information about them on the internet.

It was 1970.
In June 2014 is 50th anniversary of them!!

They are all "wild monkey" in the nature.
If you won't follow the rules, they will attack you!!

But they are so cute!!! 
I'll show you my monkey collections!!!

There is information desk in the park,
you can know more about the monkeys.

I recommend to go to Nagano after Tokyo.
Because it takes about only 100 min by Shinkansen.

Nagano→Yudanaka (50min by Nagano Dentetsu)
Yudanaka→Kanbayashi Onsen (15min by bus)
Kanbayashi Onsen→Jigokudani Yaen Koen (30min by walk)


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