Beyond the border

The weather is sunny, warm, and beautiful these days.
Finally, spring is around the corner in Hiroshima!!

Therefore, it's time to wake up from hibernation!!
Woo Hoo!

So I determined to work out more often and I jogged with my dog by the sea last weekend.
Jogging + listening to my favorite music + sweating in the sun was a great way to let off steam!

But, whenever I look up the sky or see the horizon, I recall all the people I met through my travel in overseas.
I've been to Australia, China, U.S.A, and have hitchhiked in 27 countries in Europe.

Long time ago, there was no internet and I believe that writing letters or international phone calls are the only way to keep in touch with friends live abroad. 

However, the internet was invented and some useful social networking sites like Facebook or Line are available for us lately.
They are even for free and it made us easier to communicate all over the world.

What I'm trying to say is... Since the internet is distributed widely throughout the world and is inextricably linked to our lives, I can get opportunities to see my foreign friends again much easier.

Some of my friends actually came and stayed at Hiroshima Hana Hostel where I work and we had a great time.
And this March, my friends from Poland are visiting me!!
They showed me around in Poland and it's my turn to host them in Hiroshima!

Thanks to the Internet but I'd rather see my friends in person and am so looking forward to seeing them!!

Yay! :)


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