Hida no Sato light-up

Do you know "Hida no Sato or Hida folk village" in Takayama?

Hida no Sato, the Hida folk village, is a place to visit when you are in Takayama. More than 30 traditional buildings including thatched and shingled houses, shrines, sheds, and others are scattered around the hill. All could be entered and explored as you like. An elegant swan welcomes everyone at Goami Pond which is really attractive every season.

It's a museum that you can see same buildings as Shirakawago(UNESCO world heritage site).
They held Light-up event every day until Feb 28th.
Normally the entrance fee is 700 yen, but it's only 300 yen for it.

And the bus fee going there is 200 yen for one-way.

If you couldn't get the bus ticket for Shirakawago light-up event or you feel too expensive to go to Shirakawgo light-up event, we absolutely recommend this opportunity!

"Hida no Sato" is not UNESCO world heritage site, but I think you can feel same atmosphere as Shirakawago!


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