My puppy, Hana san (dachshund)!

I just want to introduce my puppy dog, Hana, as she is so cute and has good characteristics!

She was born in December 2nd, 2012 in Shizuoka and became our family 1 year ago.
She is a wee bit small, but a good watchdog to protect our family (like barking at some stranger!).

She was 6 months old...
She is now 1 years old and often takes a nap in the living room...
She likes playing with a ball. So, I often go to the park near Katsura-gawa River with her.
She also likes chasing anything we throw such as a harness, newspaper, a Frisbee and so on...
I like animals like dogs and cats, so if you have any pet, please let me know and let's talk together!!


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