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Hello it's Kana from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

Was warm about a week ago but all of a sudden got really cold in here and started snowing...
HELLO SUN. Please come out don't be shy!! And please warm me up....

Let me introduce our new member today.

"Tomomi" She is new from this Feb. She used to live in South Korea for 1 and half years and just came back to Japan this Jan. She speaks Japanese of course, English and Korean. Even though she just came back, she works very hard and also quick learner!!! I really enjoy working with her. She reminds me when I was new.

I wasn't as hard worker as her, wasn't as quick learner as her, but what I can remember is how hard it was to get used to the new job. Everything seemed like super difficult for me. I always worried that whether I could be like other receptionist or not. Everyday was filled with anxiousness.

Now  this is my 4th year...Time flies....I am still not confidence enough to be as a receptionist like others, but I really love my job and colleague. I really enjoy working here. I hope she will feel same way as mine one day.

Good luck Tomomi!! You are doing really good and we are always here to support you!


Unknown said…
Hi Kana,

Konichiwa :D

My name is Rury Ramadhita. I know it's difficult to say my you can call me Rey :P

I'm living in Bekasi, Indonesia. Next May, I'll be 27. I'm woking as a UI/UX designer. I made application designs for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry.

I really like Japan. I always dreamt I can visit Japan one day. You know what, my dream become true.

I have been join with U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia for almost 6 years. U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia is a first Eisa group in Indonesia, and become a role model for other smaller Eisa group in Indonesia.

We had an invitation to go to Okinawa to join with World Wide Eisa 2012. So, we (16 persons including me) went to Okinawa October, 2012.

I know Okinawa, it's far away from Tokyo, but I felt so excited and happy too. We were cried when we touched the airport hahahaha ;D

Our participated to WWE (World Wide Eisa) wasn't useless. We got 'Judge Special Award'. We are the only team from overseas who got an award. Oh my God, tears of joy again... hahahaha...

WWE experiences, made me always think about Japan more and more. So, I have plan to go to Japan this year with my boyfriend. On May.

I read before that your hostel have a good responds. We checked your hostel but it's full booked. Awwh, so sad. So, we have to look other hostel ;(

By the way, if there's any chance for me become your part time staff, I will be glad. It'll my other dream come true. I'll be a fast learned. I'll learn everything start from language, culture, and etc.

Here's my email

Thank you so much for your attention. Salam from Indonesia :D

Arigatou gozaimas~ :D

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