Polar Bear Hot-pot

Do you know Japanese Hot-pot which is popular food for winter in Japan?
Hot-pot makes us warm and healthy because we put many vegetables in it.
And we normally eat with family or friends, so it makes our hearts warm as well.
I love eating hot-pot in winter!

These days, it's getting popular to cook "interesting Hot-pot" in Japan.
Many people are trying to cook animal or cute character's hot-pot.
It's very trendy!
So my friends and I tried to cook "Polar Bear Hot-pot".
The pictures are as below,

The basement was made of Napa cabbage and pork.

Can you guess what we used for Polar bear?
The answer is... Japanese radish!!
We grated one and half radish and made Polar bear like clay play.
And we cut sea weed for his eyes and nose.
He is very cute, isn't he?

Then we poured its soup and wait!

The soup is boiling now!
He looks like in Hot spring!
Good for winter, right?

We waited for 15 min, but he didn't get out of shape.
So we could not eat because he still too cute...

Finally we gave up for waiting , said "sorry" to the Polar bear and started eating!

This is the best Hot-pot I have ever had!
It looked very simple, but the Japanese radish makes the soup very sweet.
Good job, Polar bear! You tried very hard!

I am planning to cook "Snoopy" Hot-pot next time!
Who would like to join me??


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