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- Life is like a box of chocolates. You'll never know what you're gonna get.
                                                                            by Forrest Gump

- This life is like a journey. And that's a one-way ticket traveling. There's always outward journey but not return one.
                                                                             by Eiji Yoshikawa

- Traveling sucks. You lose money, career and yourself.
                                                                             by Me

Yes, traveling sucks, ninety-nine times out of a hundred. Just same as our lives. We pay ridiculous expensive tax, kiss the blarney stone to our neighbors, raise our kids and they say ' Don't wash your underwear with my favorite T-Shirts' to you.
But, when you come across something special - for instance, lifetime best friends, things you can go crazy about and so on, you will feel ' I love my life'.
That's same as traveling. 
And for me, when I stumble across the amazing hotel, my trip is going to be unforgettable. 

Recently I had a chance to stay that kind of hotel, 1967 City Central Hotel in Tainan, Taiwan.

It locates just 5 minutes away from Tainan rail station however the building is hidden place so I felt I was in a intimate space. Also their each one of furniture designs are astonishing. I wish I could live this place for the rest of my life!

And, here is another hotel I would love to stay in near future. I just drop some photos in case someone will take me to there. 

Wythe Hotel (New York City)

 Isn't it amazing?


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