What's going on at Hiroshima Hana Hostel these days?

Hi this is Hayateru from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

These days Hiroshima is extremely cold and I feel less going out. But one sunny day I went to golf practice for my second time in my life. All balls I shot flew to the right and still have air shots. I hope to debut on course this year. I will keep practicing with Tom-san.

Last year we were awarded Certificate of Excellence 2013 on Trip Advisor.
Our staff Yujiro was especially happy about this! lol
We have not had free accommodation staff since last October(Yori-chan from Taiwan), but one guy from Kumamoto called us for short term staff while his Winter break of university. His name is Yamato(a guy with Kumamon knit cap) majoring Hospitality Management at university in Kumamoto. His friendly character making Hiroshima Hana's atmosphere much better. He held a snack night a few times. He will be at Hiroshima Hana until the middle of March. We hope he enjoys his time in Hiroshima!

We bought new sofas in the living room since we had some negative feedback about living room. I hope we never have a comment as "miserable atmosphere". lol

and also beer machine is waiting for you  :)


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