Hello!! I'm MAYU from Hiroshima!!

It's going to be Spring now in here. How's going your life?

I went to New York for 5days last week.

I've been thinking that I would love to go to New York

in some day since I was student.

And many my friends say that 

"You should go there while you are young"

Why? Because It so exciting and hot. So I should feel that when I still young.

So... I am 30 years old... It's time to go there!!!

It can be last chance to go there I thought!!!!!!

In actuality......

 It was super nice and cool place!!!!

I went there by my self. I have only one regret at this time.

That is.... I'd better to go there with someone... My friends...

I like traveling alone. But this place is good for group trip.

It can be better. But any way,,,

I was a kind of cool New Yorker when I was walking in

central park with hot coffee and shrug and put my hands in my pocket.

I was absolutely cool because of  It was in New York!!!

Times Square was too bright in the night It was like the big fireworks display in Japan!!

I enjoyed Broadway musical "The Chicago" and "The Lion King".

It was happiest moment for me!!!!!!!

I also went to many museum in New York.

It can be ART in any kind of something If it's in New York.

Because That is really cool place and everything 

has freedom and own identity.

I would love to go back there when I get old.

Maybe 50? 60? 70?

I think I can enjoy a lot even I am old.

So... It doesn't matter the age to go there.

This is my conclusion.

But You should go there while you are young at first time.

It can be more exciting!!!!!!


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