Greeting the Goddess who shines heven and whole universe (Amaterasu-Omikami) in Ise Jingu

As I age, more I want to visit Shrines and Temples.... don't really know what it is but my heart is drawn in to it and find peace in myself.

I read that this year is one of my last Yakudoshi (bad year) according to Japanese Fortune telling book and decided to do 'Yakubarai' (receive a service for removing a bad luck) in Ise.
*Many Japanese people do Yakubarai.

Ise-shrine is believed that Amaterasu- Omikami, the Shinto goddess of Sun who shines heaven and whole universe stays there for 11month of every year.
It sounded like the perfect place to remove my bad luck and I was set!

I was kind of ready to visit Ise for a Yakubarai Service however, a few days before my visit, my lovely sister advised me that my bad year was actually last year....!  So I no longer needed ''Yakubarai - service''
How I made this big mistake!?!?! the book counts age in the different way than normal so I was totally mistaking the year.
Well, for my good luck, my bad year is finished without notice, mmmmmm..... I thought I was having a very good year last year so wow! I will have even better year than last year meaning lucky 2014 for me for sure!
(Yakubarai cost 5000yen so I saved it to start my good luck!)

Any how I visited Ise and had lovely time : )


Meoto-Iwa (Wedded Rock)

Though it is not commonly introduced area, I reccommend Ise for a visit !


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