Signal the coming of Spring

Time flies as an arrow.光陰矢のごとし

According to our traditional calender spring started from yesterday

So I want to share my favorite stuff of Spring. 

1)Sakura Ice cream by Haagen Darz. The best combination is with macha. Its my secret one  for not hanging over. :)

2) Imperial palace Visiting
My favorite place to visit on April is Imperial palace during public open on April.
From the 9th April to 13th April the public visit will be open.

In Japan there are some events each season. Two special events are the signal the coming of spring for the Japanese People. 
One is OMIZUTORI at the Nigatsudo Temple of the Nara-Todaiji Temple in Japanese and the other is Kasuga Festival at Kasuga Shrine which is nearby this temple.
Omizutori means watar drawing in Japanese. At this festival monks draw water from well in front of the temple and purify with "sacred water" Juichimen Kannon standing statue in the early dawn on the thirteenth of March. the principal image of the Nigatsutdo-Hall.
And then monks hold fire torch walking hallway of the hall ate the night. 
It means for the Japanese people t able  to confess all bad things of year and purify with small spark of fire torch. 

This festival have inn more than 1,000years from 752.
It was not stopped on the end of the end of Warld War II though. 

The othe festival is Kasuga Festival in Kasuga Shrine at the 13th March. This festival has been more than on thousand year. 
At this festival the imperial messengers make parade with traditional costume and followers offer foods for the gods praying for productiveness  of grain and stable condition of Japan. There are three big festival at Kasuga Shrine (in Nara) on the 13th March; Aoi Festival from Imperial palace to Kamigamo Shrine on the 15th May and Iwashimizu shirine (Kyoto, Yawata) on the 15th September. 

On 17th March we found yellow full moon with our three top of J-hoppers.


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