Sushi rolls in Galapagoz, Japan

Have you seen this kind of sushi roll before?

"Deco Sushi" is what they are named meaning decorated sushi roll.
This kind of way of enjoying sushi rolls with its process of cooking is getting more popular
especially among young females of Japan.

There are soooo many variations, and they could represent seasonal atmosphere like these:

Hinamatsuri version (girls' day March 3rd)

For Mamemaki Festival ( Devil-Throwing Festival) on 2/4

Christmas tree! Which is not really a roll anymore...but never mind.

It always surprises and sometimes awes me when I find how Japanese people loves developing the original stuff into something really unique and unusual. There is even am association for Deco rolls, I learned.
It is part of Galapagosization?

Anyway, if you are interested, here there are videos of "How to Deco rolls"!


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