The Sumo Wrestling

Hello, I'm Shige from J-Stay.

What do you imagine the traditional Japanese things?

Sushi? Temple? Samurai ?
Some people imagine that things.But you forget one important thing . 
Yes, It is Sumo.It is the traditional and legendary Wrestling in Japan.
Everyone know that but not many people have never seen it at the live。.

So today I wanna show  some pictures of Sumo Wrestling because I went to watch the Sumo last week.

This is the entrance of Sumo arena.
Many flags are standing and the name of the wrestler is written on each flags.
And there is same entrance the Sumo wrestler and Visitors.
So you can see all sumo wrestlers near you.

This circle is Dohyo(Sumo Wrestling s ring).
I thought that is big but it was smaller than I thought.
And I entered the arena around 14:00P.M.That time is not strong and famous  Sumo wrestler time.
That's why many seats are empty.

This is Dohyo-Iri(The ceremony of entering the ring).All top wrestlers enter the ring.
From this time arena is getting busy and no empty seats.

On that day two Yokozuna(highest rank in sumo) lost each games.
That time arena was super excited and every one throw the own Zabuton(Cushion).
Unfortunately I could't take the picture of that moment because also I throw the zabuton, I did not have any chance to take a photo.

All kind of sports and shows can see easily on the TV and internet but I think the live is the best.Because I can feel special exiting atmosphere.
I just thought that after watch Sumo.
Next year I will go again.


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