Guten Tag! from Germany!

This is Yoshi!!!
I traveled around Germany last week as I was on holiday for 1 week.
I have used Frankfurt Airport for my transfer to Edinburgh during my stay in Scotland.
But, I had never visited Germany before.... My Swiss friend taught me German, so I was longing to speak German since I had got little chance to use the language (at the beginner's level).

I took Lufthansa to get to Frankfurt. I was lucky enough to get my flight ticket (Business class) because of some reason... Absolutely over the moon!!!

Then, I left Frankfurt to Ludwigshafen, heading to Heidelberg.
I've heard that Heidelberg had the oldest university in the country, so I saw lots of people (maybe students) taking trams in the centre of the city.
After that, I visited Heidelberger Schloss where I saw beautiful scenery from the castle.


On my second day, I went to Hohenzollern Castle. I was really surprised to see its magnificence.
After entering the castle, the first room has walls with the drawing of some tree expressed as the family tree for the Hohenzollern.
The family tree has been still "growing!" (You can see the name of the new baby on the family tree on the wall in fact!)

Moving to Füssen, I stayed for 1 night there and then visited Hohenschwangau and Wieskirche!!
What beautiful places they are!

The Alps near Füssen
I've heard that Schloss Neuschwanstein was the model of "Cinderella Castle"in Disney.
I'm not sure it is true or not..., but it was a really beautiful castle! I wish if I lived there...
Schloss Neuschwanstein
It was a long journey from Wieskirch to Rothenburg ob der Tauber by bus.. over 300km or so.....
A wee bit tired.... tho...
In Rüdesheim am Rhein, I had a lot of food such as sausages, pints of beer and glasses of wine...
Then, I also tried a "Rüdesheimer Kaffee" (coffee with a cream and brandy) !
So, yummy!! You should try it if you visit there!

Rüdesheimer Kaffee

I really enjoyed staying in Germany, visiting various castles, having delicious food!

I hope I will visit Germany again in the near future!

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