Hanami Party in Osaka Hana Hostel!

Osaka Hana Hostel staff and guests went to see the cherry blossoms on the 31st of March.
We made special lunch boxes to do picnic under sakura trees!

The picnic was amazing!! It could not be better! Everything was perfet!
I was very happy I could spend a wonderful time with Hana Hostel family-staff and guests!

 This is a sausage shaped octopuses★ This is cute!!

                                           The weather was very good! ★

Very delicious food, we love eating and drinking!!
Sakura made these food more delicious!
I love Osaka Hana Hostel so much(*^v^*)
Masae、Hideko、Kimi、Hiromi、Ruli、Mark!! Thank you so much!

If you miss this chance, check Japan mint in Osaka! They have late‐flowering Sakura.http://www.mint.go.jp/category/eng


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