Where I'd love to go.

Where I'd love to go in the world is India.

Going to India is one of my dreams since 10 years ago after I visited Nepal.
I was a university student at the time I went to Nepal as a school trip.
My first time travel to East-West Asian country was  incredibly special.
The color and the smell.
People,food,buildings and nature.
Everything was new for me but I felt nostalgia.
It is hard to find a word which describe how I feel and how the place looks like for me cause the atmosphere is totally different as Japan,where I live.
What I missed at the time were visiting a local market and eating something same as local people.
I usually do those 2 things whenever I go to other countries but my purpose for the travel was teaching Japanese at junior high school.
I stayed with classmates and spent my time for teaching.
The experience was actually really nice but I just felt that I wish to walk around by myself  and do something as I feel at the time.

After the travel,I have been to some other Asian countries to make my dream come true and I met many traveler from all over the world.
The place where most traveler recommended was India.
They also said that Nepal and India have similar culture but definitely different atmosphere!
I have been dreaming to going to India to see the place by myself after I heard about India from travelers.
I'm not sure what the travelers said means but I just want to find it.

I will go there someday,not now but for sure in the future ;))


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