Gift of May "Rainbow ring and sun through new green leaves"

Fresh green season is coming!
Hope you are enjoying this fresh greenery.
My favorite thing for this season  is having a nap by Kamo River.  (Ha ha ha)

According to Japanese culture, there are names for wind each season.
We call 薫風(KUN PUU) for wind of may whose meaning is is blowing with aroma from Leaves. 
I guess it is particular for Japanese. Because we think that the wind of May bring us freshness with air through green leaves. At the same time it means for Re-born and Re-start for Zen philosophy.

I had two days off on Golden week holiday, one day I run along Kamo river with my friend for feeling this wind. But unfortunately it was totally sunny day. There is nothing wind. ;(
However we found Gift from God, "Rainbow Ring" around Sun! 
No words! I stooped talking when we found it. 
But it seemed nobody recognized it.  
My French ex-coworker give instruction about how to appear this rainbow.But it is not important. It is so lucky to find it!
it is difficult to take picture of Strong Sun light

It is impossible. It was totally Sunny day. 

For enjoying this season One way is feeling sun streaming through the leaves of trees!
I and my tea partner English modern Samurai, Nick we joined  tea ceremony in Tea house, TANAN in Higashiyama Nanajo in Kyoto National Museum.

It was rebuild and donated in 1958 there. The architecture  of the tea house is based on the traditions of the nobility -centered cultural word of early Edo period Kyoto.(Quote from the guide of Tanan)
There were two ceremonies. Tea master host and take place ceremony with one topic.  One topic is fairy of flower. The other is voice of bamboo. 
Even though our teacher decorated some instruments.
For example Hanging scroll  was Bamboo "竹" which the great monk of Nanzenji Temple in Edo Period. This work was  when he had 91 years old.  
It is impressed sharing the flow of time and season through this picture. So Tea is so profound. :)

In front of the entrance! Next time wear Kimono!

How blight is it!
I am wondering this freshness and wind of may bring me something. Let's see. 
But sure I had great day with my lovely friend this season. 

Enjoy your greenery Season!



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