Hiking season has come!

Hi this is Ayupon from Hida-Takayama!

Here in Takayama, there are many place to go hiking.
And I like to go hiking in this time of the year.
Trees with young fresh leaves, birds singing in the trees... they make me feel so good and relax.

Kamikochi is one of the famous place for hiking.
I went there for hiking last week with some guests.
This is the picture I took there.
Every time I go hiking I take a small gas burner to make hot water.
I eat a cup noodle and rice ball in the nature for lunch and drink coffee.
This is the best lunch for me.

After the hiking we went to "Hirayu no mori" to get into the hot spring, and wash off our sweat.

Hiking - lunch and one cup of coffee in the nature - Onsen - Beer - Nap time
This is my favorite way to spend my day-off!!

For your information please check the website below for more details.

Hirayu no mori


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