I am a CARP girl!!

                       Hello. I'm Hiro from J-Hoppers Hiroshima Guesthouse.

                                Have you ever heard about CARP girls?    
                                                I don't think so!

We have a professional baseball team here in Hiroshima which is called HIROSHIMA TOYO CARP and female fans are called "CARP girls."
Recently, Carp girls are getting increased even in other prefectures and I'm actually one of them!

                                   I think one of the reason is...
          because there are many IKEMEN(good looking) players in carp!!!!!!

                     Here's a link to official site of the Hiroshima Toyo carp:

                       Go to team data to see pictures of players!

                  I think they are probably the  four most Ikemen players!
                   ↓ ↓

                      7.Syota Dohbayashi(堂林 翔太)

                      55.Brad Eldred

                      9.Yoshihiro Maru(丸 佳浩)

                     12.Aren Kuri(九里 亜蓮)

            What do you think? They look even better in real life than in picture!
            Are you ready to go a baseball game and be a CARP girl with me??


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