I became 35 years old!

I became 35years old last month.
And I had the best birthday ever.
I was working in the morning and the big box had delivered, it was for me from my friend from Taiwan! The box was huge but it was so light. So I opened it...
I've got really cute balloons from Eva!!
I finished work at 2pm, then I went to my best friend's shop to see Hideko and Satoko.
They joined the Stained Glass workshop there.
After the workshope, they throw the party for me!
Can you see how many cans of beer we open for couple of hours?!

Then we left her shop to have another party at Osaka Hana Hostel from 7pm with my colleague.
With Ranna and Hideko
This is the cake I got!!
My face with my favorite beer:)

I think I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friends who spent so much time to prepare to celebrate for my birthday. Thank you so much for caring me.
I will enjoy this year as much as I can!

We share the cake with folks, and it looks like this in 10secound!!
It was so tasty!!


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