Loving Dogs!!

Hi, how are you doing?
This is Nana from Fukuoka.

Today is super hot here! Feels like it is already summer... It is still May! I cannot believe this weather!
Do you have any animals? 
My parent has two toy poodles. Their names are Momo and Kiki.
Since when I was little I always loved dogs, but after I moved out from my parent's house I love and care about them more! They are special to me! Just being with them, I am happier.

Dogs actually help you in different ways.
Dogs reduce your stress.
Dogs help you stay in shape.
Dogs help you be more social.
Dogs reduce your health issues like heart problems and so on.

But they never expect anything from you.
They always need you. I think that is one of the reasons why people like dogs.  

My family was not going to have dogs anymore after we lost our fist dog but somehow we met Momo and Kiki. We love them. Hope they stay healthy and spend long time with us.

If you do have dog, please give them hug and lots of kisses tell tell them that you love them!


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