Brazil or Netherlands or....

It is shige.

Now kyoto is getting hot day by day.
Summer is coming.... please come early because humid weather makes me down my feeling.
Summer is nice.
Beer,fire works,swimming and BBQ.

So usually I don't like June but this year is special!!!
Because of world cup!!!
All games are good and exciting, all teams and players are great.
Unfortunately Japan had a bad luck...but they did best play.
They need to improve everything then I hope they will revenge in Sochi 4 years later.

Now the world cup start the knock out round.
All of matches are more exciting and aggressive.

So I expected the champion is Brazil or Netherlands.
What do you think about it?

Nobody knows it but 2 weeks later  everyone know who is the champion.

This is my favorite goal at this moment.

Tonight Netherlands vs Mexico!!!!!
This game will be great match.
Do not miss it.


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