Drinking a Japanese beer near Kyoto Station!

This is Yoshi. It is getting hotter than before in Kyoto.
So, I often go for a drink with my friends these days.

We actually have some good areas for drinking such as Kiyamachi Street and Pontocho area in Kyoto.
However, there are many bars and restaurants near Kyoto Hana Hostel as well.
Recently, I went to YEBISU BAR in Yodobashi-Camera building near Kyoto Station.
YEBISU is one of famous Japanese beers :)

I love YEBISU beer and sausage there!

Then, it has a special Japanese beer called Rikyu (利休), which is kind of Maccha beer (green tea beer)! yummy! It tastes a wee bit sweet : )
I'm not sure why it is called Rikyu, but the word is named after Sen-no-Rikyu, the person who started "Wabicha (わび茶)" which is a style of chanoyu, Japanese tea ceremony.
It is a cool Japanese beer, isn't it?
Then, I ordered a white Japanese beer, sausages, and a fish and chips!

Anyway, please try Japanese beer when you will visit Japan!


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