Gassho Hostel in Gokayama.

Hello, this is moco*
I'd like you to recommend to stay 300 years old Gassho House in Gokayama.
Gokayama is one of world heritage site, same as Shirakawa-go.

The tour company called "isite Takayama" has just released
"Gokayama stay package tour" from Takayama.

It is included  round bus trip from Takayama-Gokayama,
(Drop by Shirakawa-go observation point)

Gassyo stay and a light breakfast.
If you buy some food, you can cook in the kitchen by yourself.

This is the house you will stay in Gokayama.
They have Japanese style dormitory room and private room.

You can have a great relaxing time....!!
The facilities are so comfortable.

"isite Takayama" offers how to get to Gassho house. →Link

After or before your stay, you can walk Suganuma area.
It is smaller than Shirakawa-go, but still beautiful!!


 I hope you'll enjoy more your stay here!!



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