Ukai (Cormorant fishing)

I went to see Ukai at Nagaragawa river.

Ukai is an ancient fishing method catching Japanese trout by using tamed cormorants.

It is said that Nagaragawa ukai has been conducted for around 1,300 years

This technique has also been used in other countries but is currently under threat in China.
To control the birds, the fishermen tie a snare near the bird's throat. This prevents the birds from swallowing larger fish, which are held in their throat, but the birds can swallow smaller fish. When a cormorant has caught a fish in its throat, the fisherman brings the bird back to the boat and has the bird spit the fish up. Though cormorant fishing once was a successful industry, its primary use today is to serve the tourism industry. It is interesting to see it.

Acces15minutes by bus from Gifu Station
During 11th May ~15th Oct
Price :3100 yen

Ukai (Gifu)


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