What I'm into now.

This is what we need to live.

I believe that something delicious makes our life happier.
We can live as long as we have something to eat but I love eating and feel happy when I have something 'yummy :))'

What I'm into these days is cooking.
I can concentrate on even when I'm tired after work if it is for cooking.
Thinking about something delicious,thinking about eating something delicious and cooking something delicious and what I want to eat makes me happy.
Cooking is like a creating something.
I feel slimier as when I drawing,painting when I 'm cooking.
My friend laughed and said 'it sounds like training' as she heard my story.
I have been actually having fun to cook recently and practicing it is not training just interesting!

I have some cooking books now and I am thinking to buy a book of 'Harumi Kurihara',Japanese cooking expert.
My mother loves her recipes and cooks meal with her books often and it is really nice.
I am always happy to eat meals from her recipe books even if I eat them everyday.
Her cooking taste is something like this.

It is recommendable book if you get any chance to have a cooking book!


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