What we recommend to Eat when you visit Osaka/Japan

Hello and its Hideko again!

I love food, yes I love eating food and watching beautiful food.

Osaka is THE place you find cheap and good food!  Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu, Ramen.....
But, if you visit Osaka or Japan, please try some of bellow:

1. Roasted Rice Green Tea with Maccha   (Genmaicha  抹茶入り玄米茶)
Its really nice green tea with roasted rice + Maccha powder.
Its got a slight nutty taste from Roasted rice and beautiful taste of Maccha.

You can enjoy this tea at Osaka Hana Hostel's Living room!

2. Taiyaki (タイ焼き)
If you like Red Bean past, or even if you do not like it, please try Taiyaki at Sazae (Daimaru Shopping Center B2F)
Its shaped like Sea Bream Fish and Red bean past, chocolate or custard cream inside!!
Freshly cooked one usually eaten hot!

3. Oshizushi (押し寿司)
Its not exactly the kind of Sushi you expect but Osaka is famouce for Oshizushi espetially Battera (ばってら) Oshizushi with Mackerel.
You can buy this at Super Market or eat at a restaurant
(Fukuzushi 福寿司 is very close to Osaka Hana Hostel! )

4. Tori-Tsukemen Soba  (鶏つけ麺 そば)
This is so amazing !!!!
Usually Soba is eaten either cold (Zarusoba) or in hot soup (Kakesoba)
But this Tsukemen style soba, served with cold soba and hot dipping chicken broth (Slightly spicy which is very unlike Japanese food)  is sooooo tasty that as I am typing my mouth is full of water.......
If you are in Shinsaibashi/Yotsubahi Area, its so highly recommended!
Restaurant name is 'Soba to Tori' (そばと鶏) and only 2 min walk from Osaka Hana Hostel!

Writing this blog is making me so hungry!!!!


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