What's your travel style?

Do you like traveling?

Of course I do love traveling.

I read the article about travel sharing services.

One is about "Couch Surfing"
Couch Surfing is quite popular among young travelers.

If you become a membership of Couch Surfing, you can sleep in other member's house for free whatever spare space is available, floor or couch.

Of course you need to accept the travelers in your house too.

But you can save accommodation fee with this. This is a great system for budget travel!!
And you can meet local people and even stay their house!
It so cool :D

The service was started in 2004 and it's getting bigger.

I found other interesting service.

The name is "Meetrip"
Meetrip as an online travel sharing service, which started operating just two years ago from Japan, matches up travelers and local guides or counterparts.

It's expanding to the other 12 cities in Asian.

The basic concept of Meetrip is, “Travel with local people”. The local hosts will be taking you to travel spots in their towns or cities, usually non-ordinary places that you can't find in the commercial travel guide books or a travel package perhaps.

Seeing  and going the popular place where everybody goes is boring!!
This kind of service can make your trip more fun!!:D


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