Mt. Ontake!!

Hello, this is moco* from J-hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse!!

I went climbing Mt. Ontake.

We have some mountain that is over 3,000m high near Takayama.

Mt. Ontake is one of the sacred mountains in Japan.

I could see some alpine plants.

They are so small and cute!!

The season for climbing mountain has just started.

We walked on the was bit scared.

Luckily, I met a "Grouse" on the walking trail.


Finally, we got top of the mountain after 4 hours.

Most of the lakes were still was 4℃!!

The weather in the mountain changed many times,

sunny, raining, thunder and snow...!!

So I could enjoy beautiful snow scenery,

sunset, thousands of stars with milky way.

I stayed at the mountain hat is called "Gonoike-goya",

located on the top of Mt. Ontake.

Their meals are all hand made!!

I recommend you to have "Pizza" there.

Next morning, I enjoyed panoramic sunrise view!!

After that, we tried another top of the mountain

through hell's mountain of needles.

I hope you have chance to have climbing mountain here.

Enjoy your summer!!


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