Hi there!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.

Summer has come!!!It's getting so hot everyday...mmm
The sun will be stronger, the air will be more humid in August
I haven't really cared the sun or “skin-whitening.”sofar.
But now I'm 29 and I noticed that I HAVE TO care about it for my future.

If you are traveling in Japan now or been to Japan before in summer.
Have you seen the women with parasols, long-sleeve shirts or even gloves to protect their skin from UV rays??
In Japan, white skin has been praised as a symbol of beauty for a long time.
That's why many Japanese women  try to keep their skin white.

I went to Okinawa last month and got a suntan though.
But now I have a strong determination to keep my skin white!!!

Does anybady know the cream or good skin care??

you can but them at 100yen shop!!I will go and get them now!!


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